I was always on the other side, as student of what is a yoga retreat or holistic activities, from the relaxed part and from enjoyment.

I do not say that working in a retreat has its good things, but of course, although you are in the best place in the world, you are still working as well, although I enjoyed a lot about the swimming pool, the food and the amazing places for discover.
During this year in May,  I had my first yoga retreats in Santorini, thank God, I did not have to prepare them because managing and preparing an event of this kind requires a lot of extra work behind in the background, accommodation, meals, logistics of all kinds of things.

And if there is two groups between between 15 and 25 people with different needs, tastes, etc … much more work. So thank you Alejandro Estornel  @pilatesman for creating so awesome event.


The really  truth that I have to be THANKFUL, every day I thank life for all that it offers me, that my first yoga retreat is in SANTORINI … guaauuuuuu, there is always a moment to learn and to start and above all to thank .
They were two different groups, the first of about 13 people, where I still do not know very well the dynamics of how to do it, it takes a time to addapt to the rhythms and the needs of people is to be more flexible and flow more with change.  That week I was made slower, since I am a person very outside and inside at other times, yoga gives me peace, tranquility and silence, connection with myself.  Being in a retreat you are really working more than the hours of classes, because in the end all are interactions with the student who at times becomes a friend, so but it is a funny and nice job.
These retreatesn about  yoga & pilates so it is not the same as the students who would go only to a yoga retreat that is what I am more get used to, it is also interesting to interact with different profiles and see how you are at ease with each of them.
For more information about this wonderful retreat where you can find the best professionals and the best place to stay in Gran Canaria and Santorini.

I know that my strength is to work in short distances, that is to say by one-to-one relationship is where I find myself most comfortable and where I can create an interconnection and approach to the person.
I have moments also to include myself in the group and to be extroverted and to be on the crest of the wave but really are the few moments, and perhaps also Santorini with that light, that sea and those things inspired me more to be in connection with myself.

Being in a landscape constantly like Santorini is a constant meditation, so if you miss those moments of solitude and reflection.
In the second week I had more time for myself and maybe I also felt inside the group, maybe this group vibrated more in the world of yoga, or at least I felt that way.
On the other hand each class is different depending on how much the teacher connects with the students and the students with the teacher, so flow it.
I allowed myself to be more myself, to laugh, to make jokes during the class, and even to encourage the students to perform some more complex asanas, formed a good group and I think there was a pretty connection.
For my third retreat, as the path of yoga, as the way of life is a way of learning, I take another series of experiences with me and learnings, 3 months have passed since the previous, I know I will feel more comfortable and above all I will  be me 100% as authentic and genuine as possible. But this will be another post…!!!
                                                           I  ♥ SANTORINI.

If you want to realize an idea about the retreat you can take a look in the next video:

Sky Pilates And Yoga Retreats Santorini 2017

See you around the world, continue moving…ohhh yeahhh


What happen in the INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY?

On June 21st was the international day of yoga.

An important day to awaken consciousness about what yoga is.
More than a physical class of postures (asanas), more than breaths, more than a philosophy, there is much to investigate behind all that … I have been in the world of yoga for more than 10 years ago and as far as I realize everything I have to learn and practice, from the asanas perspective (everything that I have to work with each one of them, how and why, what parts of the body are involved and what are their benefits and contraindications)
On the other hand if we analyze from the Raja yoga principles we have the Yamas and Niyamas, the pranayamas, pratyahara, dharana, dhayana and finally the samadhi, a life dedicated to the search of the supra conscience.
In the end, however, the initiatives of the International Yoga Day were two, on the one hand my personal initiative to create a video with different people, practitioners and teachers who participated and gave their opinion and point of view on what is yoga for them.

People from different parts of the world but united for the same purpose.

You can see in the following link:

What is for you YOGA?
On the other hand almost emerged from nothing and pushing from a friend I said;

“Hiii, contained with me for the initiative of a Open day free, to commemorate the International Yoga Day”.

The truth that was a superbeautiful event, where in a full yoga class each of us we teaching 15 minutes so different teacher we share our passion during the classes.

I left the previous savasana because I was going out for the other class and I was in a total relaxation state, but it is true that perhaps if I had been more conscious maybe I would have become much more nervous, in case I started my class after Sara and at first was quiet, but there were a moment where the panic took over me.

This was because I saw that the people did not follow the rhythm  of the class, maybe because the sound wasnt good, or because I could not show him in surya namaskar or because he did not understand me or I did not explain myself quite well, whatever happen … and I said “OMG what I´m doing over here “… as soon as I saw myself at that moment, I took a deep breathing and I said do not worry Gema everything will be fine … and I went back to breathe and continue…so I let´it go the though so in that exactly moment the whole world gradually rejoined in the flow of the rhythm of Surya Namaskar .


With these two initiatives of “un-interested” forms I collaborated with my grain of sand in the world of yoga and to make people more aware and consistent with their world and with those around them.
Great moments and intense moments.

Thank you Universe for those opportunities for personal growth.

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