Nicole Ferreira

Gema is a total blessing of the Lake! As a complete yoga newbie I was hesitant at how effective, capable, and motivated I would be in my first week of classes particularly in a class with other more advanced people but I have never been more wrong! ☺️ Gema is so approachable and makes you feel immediately welcomed and her glowing passion is so infectious I’d dropped all concerns I had of my skills before we’d even hit the mat!

While I only had a week and despite

Private Yoga Class, Villa Sumaya
Find your own balance. Connect with your self.
Partner Yoga

not necessarily reaching perfect posture it made me crave more! Gema is a beautiful optimistic soul too that took the time to teach me tricks/tips I can take home with me beyond our time. Thank you, Gema, I’ll never forget you or your teachings! ❤️🙏🏽

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