What is notonlyyoga?

     This is not only Yoga, it is more than yoga.

     This is a holistic place for looking for new alternatives that healing your soul and heart. The aim is to help you to have a better life.
• What do you need in your life?
• What do you need to be happier?
• Do you know yourself enough?
All these questions about yourself are inside you…and you have all the response …you only have to look inside of yourself deeper: with different techniques you can obtain the correct answers.
• Are you ready to jump to the next step?
      So come on and find your way to happiness in the different section: Yoga, Reiki, Thai Massage, Ayurveda….                                                                                                          I feel so enthusiastic to share with you this new trip about developing your personal skills and finding your internal gifts.
      Remember being focus and putting all the positive energies in your life so you could achieve whatever you want.
      Don’t let anybody tell you that you cannot because you are really incredible and nobody knows where your limits are until you try to reach beyond them.
Together we will succeed!!!

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