Asthanga a normal day in a normal life


It is 7.30am still I want to sleep more I feel quite lazy but a last determination put me out from the bed.

I change my clothes, I did all the staff in the bathroom and I leave my appartment without thinking so much still the laziness are coming with me…so sometimes I´m going by bycicle that it takes me around 20 minutes to arrive to the class or if I ´m going by walking around 40 minutes, during that walk my mind is sleeped and looks to the ocean…but even thought when I arrive to my yoga class I throught my mat on the floor but still I feel quite sleeped.

Then you start after the conection with yourself and some meditation the warm up with 10 “surya namaskara” sometimes your brain thinks … “Ohhh my god still one hour and half over” …I dont know if I will have enough strong or even though I could be able… so you continue and you dont leave that you brain take the control.

So you continue sistematic with your routine (well still for me I dont have everything memorize…it is taking more time that I though) so next asanas coming all the secuence in stand up and balance this is should be the easy one posture but still you body are geting warning and even though you realice there are so many things to doing better, as soon as Manu, Paula o Anika coming to you and align so it is look that you are not doing so good that you though 😉

Now in the floor position; we are working in openhip so that and the twist so everything should coming for that area, our “mula bandha”should be active and working (really in all the practice), the twists in marichyasana are quite challenge and sometimes during the adjust; I didnt know that I could do that; a huge movement from my hip also I have detected a block in my breathing.

Whatever happens you should continue, these time with some handstand as “bakasana” were we work the strong in our hard and the quiteness in our brain and later we continue with superstrong bending “kurmasana”

Say your brain and you body dont stop, after 5 breathing we continue to the next one…

After different postures we will jump to another challenge back bending posture and the wheel  or ”urdhva dhanurasana” and all the movement around that, this is still a big deal a looks like that it will be during a long period to past this big Stone, I felt how my chest was opened or unblock one day but still I have so much practice to do to improve in this asana, the good thing is that I´m not on hurry, so after that I feel free and I can start relaxing in my practice.


Now in the final part in the secuence where I can start to relax my body and mind


So now the shoulder  “sarvangasana”  or  “halasana” stand are quite relax and also my headstand  “salamba sirsasana” is more and more easy going…still I´ve to improve my abdominal strength to be able starting the pose slowly with the support behind of the wall (so I´m quite frighting without it)
…so after that “shavasana” the best…and the day starting in a different way…


After that there is nothing more that PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE

I´m going to ask to the New Year in 2017 be more focus in my practice, let´s lazy and much more constant, they are the key point to improve in the asthanga path.




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