Why the yoga makes you feel for happy?


This was a beautiful interview that I had in October 2016 meantime I was working giving classes in the Hotel Jardín Tecina.

This only a short part of the full video…if you want to see all complete there are the urls :


Or let me know it and I can send you more information.

Life give you opportunities to express yourself about your passion.

Thank you Wolfram and Dania, I will keep these moments in my heart.

Learn to RELEASE …. the path of yoga …

What kind of yoga do you choose and why?


Because each style of yoga teaches us and gives different routines and we work different physical aspects  in the different styles  asthanga, rocket, other more fluids like vinyasa and hatha and other more spiritual like the kundalini, all are just as valid and the most important is that you find yours.

That will be which most connects with you and also the teacher and the teachings that fill in you.

As a teacher and student I am of those who think that it is important to experiment and try different styles and choose the one that goes with you … the one that fills you and connects you with the deepest, will be that you need a more physical or a more spiritual practice , or maybe is the teacher who connects with you in a special way.

As a teacher and student you have to learn to let go and  flow … to let the students come and go, to stop going to classes to go to other … in short to do what you feel … and the most important is to accept that process that each one has paths to walk together as long as it is and then to release, to change, to leave, to return …

This is one of the teachings that has given me and continues giving the yoga path day by day, all these variables are I like to see myself in this double environment … student for many times and teacher for a few (I really think I will always be learning and more on the side of the student) and as I am learning I see I need more and more hours of study, but the most important is the way of knowledge and learning to RELEASE



“Associate with people who are likely to improve you.”





Review 2016 and proposes for 2017

Following the post from my friend @MartaMolinera or http://martamolinera.com/fun-work-flow-ready-2017 it was quite motivated for me, so I have decided take this challenged and do it my propose for the New Year… apart of that to follow the argument of my colleague for the resolutions in 2016 I didnt write anything but what I did was a Collague or MindMap in June 2015 proyection all the things that I will achieve for the next year…so I can say it is not a natural year.

But which were my proposes obtained in 2016.

  1. Be greatful about the feeling of flying I have the oportunity to do it in several times, parachute, paraclimding and fly withouth engine it was quite great, really awesome experience.
  2. Living in Lanzarote during one year where there is a magical light and everything is so quiet and relax, your view is lost in the middle of the volcano, the ocean  where the red color is mixed with the black one and despide all the small white houses are spread around all the island according with Cesar Manrique´s legacy.
  3. Travel to South America and met to my love Marcelo, this was a great surprise for me that someone like him has appeared in my life, he gives me so much, so really I´m feel so happy to travel to Guatemala and spend 3 months travelling with him around Centre of SouthAmerica, knowing places such as in Guatemala (Antigua, San Cristobal de las Casas, Tikal, Chamu Champey) in Mexico (Palenque, Valladolid, Maya Rivera, Isla Mujeres,  Holbox, Chetumal) in Cuba (La Havana, Trinidad, Varadero, Viñales)
  4. Travelling around the Canarian Island and also obtained the Canaria´s tourism oficial guide…I´ve working in different excursión and it was so funny, nice and interesting..I have to prepare each tour, but really I like to give information about the arquitecture, vegetation, how was the creation from the island and the conqueer.
  5. Decide coming to living to Gran Canaria.
  6. Working as yoga teacher in La Gomera
  7. Retaken the yoga class for children.
  8. Being part of the Innovation Process for Yoga Tourism throught the EOI based in the INFECAR in Las Palmas de GC, during 5 months.


For 2017, there some project on the mind, let´s see which are only an idea or which one will be true, unless it is important continue creating and dream.

  1. Marcelo is coming to visit me in January, Madrid, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura, there will be the places to visit together, I want to share my life the awesome landscape and future projects together.
  2. Next events, future concept test about one of the activities from yogabygema.com in January yoga tour in Las Palmas GC and in March yoga tour in Fuerteventura for a weekend in Gran Tarajal with my great and loved friends Lucas & Leila.
  3. Finished my Project from Yogabygema for GC in May, I have to focus as much as I can in the next month in this.
  4. Manage to working and living together with Marcelo in the Canarias Island and in Guatemela.
  5. Continue working and focus in the tourism guide and yoga teacher in whatever part of the world but together with Marcelo.
  6. Next formation and events 25-27 May 2017 Yoga Conference in GC, and in February Pranayama breathing training.
  7. Starting with the private yoga classes and continue with the yoga children.
  8. Training about Pranayama with my dear Manu Navarro 😉

And about all these the most important that all my family and friend are healthy, they will be happy and achieve their dreams.



I wish you the best to all of you, with all my love, Gema.

General features about the fruits



High in minerals such as; potassium and iron and low in sodium.

Help constipation – Helps control cravings – Remedy for hangovers



Natural antibiotic – Anticancer – Reduces levels of blood sugar

Eliminates toxins – Cleanses the body



Increases muscle strength -High in vitamins A and C.

Excellent source of minerals -It contains folic acid



High iron content

High in vitamin C and carotenoids.

High fiber – High calcium content



High beta-carotene content – It Contains Iron

It contains alkaline minerals

Moisturizes the body

It contains vitamins A, E, C and Group B.



Strengthens the stomach. -It stimulates appetite.

Cleanses the body.

Supports the liver and kidneys

Lowers cholesterol.



Eliminates inflammation problems.

Reduces blood pressure – Highly detoxifier.

Rich in vitamin A, C and E.

Combat cellulite problems



Important source of fiber

Protein source – Protects against diabetes

Anti-cancer properties

Retards cellular aging.



Prevents heart disease.

Improves vision.

It contains vitamin B.

Eliminates retained liquids




High in Vitamin A

Improves kidney problems

Improves lung health

Natural antiflamatorio

It contains potassium

Combat skin diseases



High in vitamin A and C.

Anti-cancer properties

Improves constipation problems

Powerful antioxidant.

Improves skin.

Rich in iron



High in antioxidants

Retards cellular aging

Avoid constipation problems

High in potassium

High in Vitamin C

Moisturizes the skin.



Antiflamatoria – Prevents fluid retention

Antirust – Strengthens the immune system

Help hypertension problems.



It facilitates the work of the kidneys.

Dissolve kidney stones and prevents their formation

Anti-cancer properties.

Effects of memory enhancers.

It contributes 25% of the daily requirement of vitamin C.



Minimum amount of calories.

Neutralizes free radicals – Moisturizes the skin

Regulates blood pressure



Improves hair –  helps improve breastfeeding.

Powerful anti-cancer – Improves vision.

Detoxifies the liver.

It contains calcium, potassium, iron



Diuretic – Alkalized the body

Improves circulation

High in vitamin C – Help with skin problems

Regulates levels of blood sugar



Natural diuretic – Moisturizes our body.

Antirust – Debugs and clean.

It provides stable power.

High in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.



Diuretic – Previe kidney stones

Strengthens the immune system

High in vitamin C.

Maintains healthy skin

Lowers Cholesterol



Fights constipation – Analgesic properties.

Anticancer – Alkalized.

It helps eliminate intestinal parasites

It contains potassium, magnesium and vitamins B.



Rich in vitamin C – It helps regulate cholesterol.

Antirust – Diuretic

Mitigates the pain in arthrosis and arthritis

It helps prevent fluid retention.


Diuretic – Alkalized the body

Detoxifies and purifies

High in vitamin C – Help with skin problems

Antiinflammatory properties.




Lowers blood pressure – High in calcium

It contains folic acid – Purifies the blood

Lowers Cholesterol -High in fiber.



Reduce Hypertension – Improves digestion

It facilitates calcium absorption.

Eliminates bad breath – Alkalized

Cleanses the body

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