Creating yoga events

I will like to share with all of you this article, according my experience about creating yoga events, I´m not an expert but I can say that I have done some of them.

In one part have the same things in common with the rest of the events that you can create, for instance.;

  • Necessary time for preparation and organization.
  • Management and associated bureaucracy.
  • Meetings and transportation or infrastructure.
  • Employee loyalty.
  • Uncertainty of success.
  • Trustfulness

What it has different compared with another events not yoguis “are”:

You are working more things about.

  • Feeling
  • Energy
  • Connexion between the different parts.
  • Healing your self and the others.

So create a yoga event has more a romantic and healing part in order to help to the others, also according what you have learned (as teacher) you want to spread this knowledge with another people or student to improve their lifes and also yours.

So creating these events should be a act of conscience about how another people should be conscious.

When the event it is happenes as always it is so quickly compared with all the preparation, it is the same feeling when you prepare a long food cooking during hours and later you will eat between 10 to 20 minutes….sometimes so much preparations and works but in the most of the cases it is worthy.

In another times you see that you give like a lot of work and effort to your job and later maybe you didnt receive a reward.

Also appears sometimes your fears, it will be posible, because you think you are not able to achieve the goal or you dont feel so prepare for the activity, anyway the path only is appeared walking.

Anyway you should be focused in creating something beautiful and different  which has your own personality and utenticy is coming from you.

With the best wishes and putting your heart in the activity everything will be so great.

Here you can see some examples…


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